Current Progress on my Digital Portfolio

So what I have been trying to do with this blog is compile a portfolio of all my artwork in one place. The progress has been… fun, but well, a bitch.

The real trick is digitizing them. I’ve found that scanning works for some of the smaller ones but the larger ones are harder. Then I have to get into taking digital photos, and then there’s a problem with the light… I’ll spare you the details. I’ve been using my iPod, but I don’t think the pictures are high enough quality for me. If anyone has some better ideas on how to take high quality accurate photos, I’d love to hear it.

Also, I’d love to see what other art portfolios are out there.

I have some more I want to put up. Most of these are from 2012 – Present, but I want to add some earlier ones from my first and second art class after college. I’m kind of going backwards chronologically; as I dig deeper into my closet of old drawings I will have more to display.

Feel free to comment!

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