P & P

Don’t mind me I was just thinking about the ideal situation of me in Pride and Prejudice and who I would want to sleep with most, Darcy or Elizabeth, because they are both pretty awesome, though I thoroughly respect their relationship and wouldn’t want to mess it up so maybe I would just be BFFs with Elizabeth and admire Darcy from afar because he is kind of scary, and I would hang out with them a lot and Elizabeth and I would get drunk and giggle and I would hope that Darcy had friends like him but of course he does not because he’s fuckin DARCY, he don’t need no friends except Bingley who is a puppy and not my type at all and married to Jane besides, so of course I don’t meet anyone and would just be a spinster taking up space in Pemberly which is fine cuz they got like a gazillion rooms, and maybe I would marry Col Fitzwilliam because he seems nice though he’s not Darcy though Darcy’s kind of scary so maybe that’s a good thing. But FO SHO girl time with Elizabeth NONSTOP we will be the best of friends and it will be awesome.

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