Books I read this week 1/21/17


Author: Alice Clayton

Sub-genre: Contemporary, humor, Girl Moves Back to Small Town, hipster? slow food movement?

Rating: Yay!

Not much to say about this book, other than the fact that I was pleasantly surprised. It’s funny, light, and steamy. A fun book all around. The girl is a chef, the guy is a bearded hipster-esque slow food movement farmer. I would recommend it to most of my friends who want to read something sexy and fun.

I have the second of this series on hold at the library. The others available, a short series about a curvy redhead, are not really my bag, since they seem to deal with her weight issues in Hollywood. Even though I’m sure she triumphs at the end, I hate most books that focus on weight as conflict.

But maybe I’ll read them someday.



Beautiful Pretender

Author: Melanie Dickerson

Series: Medieval Fairytale #2

Sub-genre: Fairytale Adaptation, Beauty and the Beast Adaptation, Christian Fiction, possibly YA?

Rating: Meh.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out if this was indeed Christian Fiction. It’s a medieval tale, so technically, everybody praying all the time is more historically accurate than not. I mean, there have been some historical fictions I’ve read that have a suspicious absence of mentions of God from clergymen and such. Sometimes I think, “if this was written by a Bronte, all y’all would be spouting God this and God this like crazy.”

Surprise! Dickerson is a celebrated Christian Fiction writer. Who knew. Besides the praying, the only other indication is that the book is rated solid G in the romance category. There were a few stolen kisses and that’s about it. To which I respond, “Fiiiiiine… *grumble grumble*”

I skipped the first of the series because it bored me. But this one, I think, is modelled loosely after Beauty and the Beast, so it kept my attention a bit longer. It cracks me up whenever fairy tale adaptations are really Disney adaptations. You know fairy tales existed before the inception of Disney Studios, right? This one had the wolf scene straight from the Disney version. So much so, the soundtrack ran through my head during the scenes. *Mimics picking up a wolf and roaring in its face.*

No Stockholm syndrome, though! Bonus!

I’d recommend giving this book to a child or young adult. Probably won’t read more of her, though, personally.


The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne

Author: Madeline Hunter

Series: Fairbourne Series #1

Sub-genre: Historical Romance, Regency Romance, Spinster With a Job

Rating: Super Yay!

Can I tell you how much I love Madeline Hunter?

Yes. Yes, I can.


The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne


Pride Mates

Author: Jennifer Ashley

Series: Shifters Unbound #1

Sub-genre: Paranormal Romance, Shifters

Rating: Good.

The only reason I’m not giving it a Yay! is because this has been my least favorite of the Shifters Unbound Series.

For more on that, and the Ashley book I read this week, read the review here:

Shifters, Unbound!


Guardian’s Mate

Author: Jennifer Ashley

Series: Shifters Unbound #9

Sub-genre: Paranormal Romance, Shifters, werebears!

Rating: Yay!

Awww! I’ve read some many of these stories right now, it’s kind of like a TV Show to me. Romance! Danger! Explosions! Onto the next book! I liked this one in particular because Zander is funny! That’s kind of rare in these books.

For more on that, and the other Ashley book I read this week, read the review here:

Shifters, Unbound!


Dark Magic

Author: Christine Feehan

Series: Dark Series, #4

Sub-genre: Paranormal Romance, vampires

Rating: Meh.

My library’s OverDrive has a weird smattering of Dark series available as audiobook. I read 1, now 4, and will probably read the rest, which are something like 8,12, 17, and 18.

O my Lord, the cover of this book makes me LOL. Sometimes my friends catch a peek of the covers of the books I’m reading, and I want to say, “No, it’s not that bad, I swear!”

This is that bad.

The “good” vampires call themselves Carpathians, a race of immortal humans that live in the mountains of Romania. All the men, so far, are big swarthy fellows with long dark hair. They wear silk. They take women back to their lairs. They speak with the conciseness of a character that is supposed to be ancient. They are, in short, The Early Nineties Vampire.

It took me a long time to figure out who I was picturing while picturing the main character. White guy, dark hair, ponytail, martial arts? Silk? I think I figured it out! Highlander the TV Series!

Yep, the series has nineties written alllll over it.

The story goes that Carpathians need to find their life mate or they will eventually lose all humanity and become a vampire. Psychic connections abound in this group, not only with other Carpathians, but there’s a special private line for life mates. I dislike psychic abilities as a superpower. In this one, he was reading her true feelings, she was reading his true feelings. “I know that you know that I know that you know…”

It’s just too easy.

Every vampire story’s got an element of creeper in it. This book was Full On Creeptastical. Not only can these vampires control humans, they can control other vampires. He’s like, “go to sleep, woman.” And she does. Also the guy, Gregory, is a friend of the father of his girlfriend, and basically preps her from birth to be his life mate. Creeper much? He’s 1000 years old and she is 23. Talk about robbing the cradle by 977 years.

Now, I say all this, but I’m probably going to read the rest, at least as far as what’s on audiobook and readily accessible. I liked Water Bound and Spirit Bound by the same author, though a different series. And the first one (Dark Prince) wasn’t so bad.

At least we got Creeptastic Gregory out of the way. The rest might be better. Right? Right?

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