Books I read this week, 3/18/17

Fire and Ice

Author: Julie Garwood

Series: Buchanan-Renard #7

Tags: Contemporary Romance, non-magical, cop, FBI, MURDER, reporter, super soldier project?

Format: Audiobook

Rating: Yay!


Hey, I liked this book!

I was very skeptical. I approach new authors slowly, like a stray dog. I come at them obliquely, sniff the air around them, searching for potential foul smells or danger. I was wary of reading a contemporary, but since I liked Garwood’s Highlander romance Shadow Music, I decided to try it out.

I was pleasantly surprised!

It is charmingly tame. No overt sex scenes. The soapbox-standing feminist in me watched carefully for the usual Contemporary Romance tropes: clumsy heroines that seem much more concerned with validation from men than whatever life threatening thing they are dealing with at the time. My inner feminist sat back down, appeased, and I was able to enjoy it unhampered.

I found I liked the secondary characters as well. I wanted to know more about them. I’ve been dropped into the later part of the series, but I didn’t feel lost.


The action was a little boring. Sophie Rose is a reporter that stumbles upon a murder. FBI Agent Jack is the love/hate opposite who has to follow her around. Guess what happens. Love! Danger! Murrderrr! I found myself zoning out during the action scenes.


The main character Sophie is the daughter of this often-wanted-but-never-caught white collar criminal with a Robin Hood complex named Bobby Rose. I wonder if he shows up in any of the other books. The author seems to have a massive crush on him.

Bobby Rose can do no wrong. He is almost omnipotent, never caught off guard, rights wrongs, and takes down the big bad guys, all while making women swoon. He’s not even a main character in this book. Is it just that the book is written in the lens of his daughter, or is his character really this infallible?


I have to wonder if the reason why I liked this book so much is because I enjoyed the voice of the narrator. Her voice is very calming, and I liked when she put on a psuedo-Brooklyn accent for some of the characters.


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