Books I read this week: Vol 22, June 10

Devil in Spring

Author: Lisa Kleypas

Series: The Ravenels #3

Tags: Historical Romance, Victorian, eccentric, woman in business, tinnitus, vertigo, shotgun marriage

Format: audiobook

Rating: yay!


I have been waiting for this audiobook to become available foreverrrrrrrrrrr.

Kleypas is pretty popular, probably one of the foremost historical romance writers in present day. She’s also the author that my mom, my sister, and I all enjoy.


This book did not disappoint. It was pretty much what you can expect from Kleypas: light, charming, pleasant, humorous, with not much conflict to speak of. All around fun.


I will say that I wished there was a liiittle more conflict. The heroine, Pandora, is a charmingly naive and eccentric wallflower, who makes up silly words on the spot, can’t dance because of vertigo, and is working on creating a board game empire. At times she seems a little too naive, too innocent, to the point where I kind of worry about her emotional development.

The hero is… meh. He’s just a smooth rake-turned-doting-husband. Most of the conflict is on Pandora’s side, when she can’t believe (and neither can I) that he goes along with all of her schemes.

Pandora: I’m super weird.

Gabriel: ‘Kay.

Pandora: I don’t want to say “obey” in my vows.

Gabriel: ‘Kay.

Pandora: Also, I want to be the sole owner of a company that creates board games. Even though it’s impossible for for a wife to own property,  I won’t marry you unless you figure out a way where I will own it and you will not.

Gabriel: ‘Kay.


The conflict on his side seems to be that he has some weird s thing. Or rather, he’s so jaded from years of debauchery, he’s worried that dedicating his s life to an innocent will be unsatisfying. There is a hilarious conversation between him and his father (who was the hero from a previous Kleypas series):

Gabriel: Dad, I have a weird s thing.

Dad: Well, son, everyone has some type of weird s thing. What is your weird s thing?

Gabriel: uhhh…..


The courtship goes along swimmingly without ever mentioning the sex thing again, and soon they are happy married couple. I couldn’t help but stop and say, “what about the weird s thing?”

I mean, it’s Kleypas. It can’t be that scandalous.

Turns out, spoiler alert, it’s some light b (him tying), that we only see a glimpse of. Because: Kleypas.

So scandalous! *Rolls eyes.*


Gabriel is a second generation hero, which I think hinders creativity. I mean, how imperfect can a character be really if their parents are blissfully married, and will be blissfully married forever, and nothing ever went wrong in their childhood, and they have a great relationship with their parents?

Growing up in someone else’s happily ever after leads to some boringly well adjusted children.


Super did not care about her proposed board game empire. It was a really big deal to her, this company that hadn’t even been made yet. We still care about that? Alright.


Of the series, I liked #1 Cold Hearted Rake, and LOVED #2 Marrying Winterborne. I think I will go back to Kleypas’s Wallflower series and read all of them, even though (horror of horrors) I will have to read them with my eyes.




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