Books I read this week: Vol 33, Aug 26

Born of Fire

Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Series: The League #2

Tags: Space romance!, tortured past, convict, criminal, wealthy merchant, hacker, bounty hunter, kickass heroine, sorry I’m secretly betraying you, treasure hunt against time, someone needs a hug, secret parents

Format: audiobook

Rating: meh.


Okay, now I’m getting the tone of Kenyon’s writing…

I was excited for this one because while I liked #1 well enough, I was interested to see what she would do with a new type of character. Syn was introduced in the first book as a less socially awkward, smooth talking, witty, piratey fellow, with a British accent and long dark hair. A far cry from Nykyrian (sp?), the tortured, laconic Dangerous One. After finishing #1, I was interested to see what Syn would be like when we focused on his character.

Well, kind of more of the same.

We AGAIN focused on his tortured past; we AGAIN had Convenient Exposition Moment so that Syn didn’t need to talk too much. AGAIN surprise secret parentage. He was very angsty, and not particularly funny.


Also, where did his alcoholism go? Nykyrian was really worried about Syn in the first book. Syn was throwing back the alien equivalent of Everclear, and seemed dependent on the bottle. This time, his alcoholism comes up only sometimes, and isn’t even fixed through love. The heroine doesn’t even mention it at the end.


Oh man, she was SO into his sob story. Shahara most definitely has a Someone Needs a Hug button. She literally thinks “I just want to hug him” at least five times. At least her sob story source was him and his wily uncle, not a box that says “private” on the front.


This has nothing to do with book itself, but the thing that I’m MOST unhappy with is that his British accent disappeared from book 1 to book 2. They switched to a male narrator, and suddenly everyone was talking in an American accent.

I know, I know. He’s not actually British.

He’s some weird named planet humanoid person from the gutters of a weird named city, who cultivated the weird named city’s high class equivalent’s accent.

Buuuuut… BRITISH! 🙁

Shahara talks about his smooth accent a couple times, so perhaps that’s what the reader is supposed to think while imagining him speak.

Maybe the narrator can’t do British accents. That would be sad. I mean, to be a voice actor and not do accents…

That’s just.



A friend of mine told me once* that a scholar of Aristophanes translated the characters of one of his Ancient Greek plays (Frogs? IDK) into different regional modern English accents. Because we entirely miss that part of the play through straight translation. The audience would know which accents would mean which social status, region, and other connotations just by the way they speak.

I like to think about stuff like that, and I kind of wish that SciFi/Fantasy/etc. would be as thoughtful about their depictions of different cultures.

So, yeah, narrator! Start researching more for the books you are reading and assign accents accordingly! Or I will ask for all of my $0 spent back!

*10+ years ago. Most of this might be wrong.


I mean, all except for the plucky AI mech Syn created in his youth, that kind of talks like Shaft. That one, he put an accent to.


It was generally pretty fun, even if it was more of the same. Though, these books seem pretty long. This dude, Syn, has had like 10 lives rolled into one: abusive parents, orphaned, 2 prison sentences, criminal, rescued by Space nuns, hacker, created a plucky artificially intelligent mech sidekick, doctor, assassin, wealthy business owner… the list goes on. All by the age of 36.


I will continue this series until I get sick of it! I wonder if the next hero came from an abusive home. My guess is yes.


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