Getting Lit S3EP10: The (Alien) Nanny for Christmas

Mar 15, 2020 | Podcast

Things get weird when Ilana and Wendy read a novella from the Stolen By An Alien series by Amanda Milo. Our hero has horns, scales, and breathes fire…but he saves the heroine thousands in child care, so who cares!   

Ilana’s Drink: “Alien Cocktail for Christmas”

2 oz baileys irish creme

2 oz creme de menthe

1 oz vodka

3 oz half and half

1 cup ice (crushed)

Mint Sprig

Whipped cream

Semi sweet mini morsels

Add ice, then bailey’s irish creme, creme de menthe, vodka and half/half. Combine in cocktail shaker then garnish with whipped cream and mini morsels.

Getting Lit S3EP09: Hard as it Gets

Ilana and Wendy dip into Tattoo Parlor Romance with a torso on the cover, because that always goes well. Spoiler alert: it's not good. Weirdly heteronormative for the genre. But that's not the worst part of the novel...Ilana's Drink: "So We Meet Again"1.5 tablespoons...

Getting Lit S3EP08: The Kiss Quotient

Ilana and Wendy talk about the Kiss Quotient by Helen Huang, an interesting novel about an autistic heroine, written by an autistic woman. Also the hottest Disney character is...let's say it together...Robin Hood.What Michael Looks Like He groaned as suspicion dawned....

Getting Lit S3EP5: Him

By Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy. This month's theme is Gay Hockey! Ilana, Wendy, and special guest Katharine talk The Sportz and a love affair between two hot dudes that love hockey.   Below is Ilana's drink, the Purple Skittle, and photos from Katharine's trip to...

Getting Lit S3EP04: The Mister

By E L James. Ilana and Wendy try out their first ever James novel, reading her latest novel that is completely outside of the Shades series. Ilana and Wendy have differing opinions, and spend most our time arguing about whether the other should or should not like...

Getting Lit S3EP03: Finders Keepers

Ilana’s Drink: The Careless Venture       1/4 cup white wine 1/4 cup seltzer 2 oz cranberry juice 2 oz whiskey Next Month's Book The Mister, by E.L. James The NYTimes article that inspired Ilana to choose this book: The Evolution of E L James.   More Awesome Stuff:...

Getting Lit S3EP02: A Princess in Theory

by Alyssa Cole. This episode is a package of punching! Ilana and Wendy talk secret princes, cave sex, and the dubious infrastructure of a Wakanda-like country. We also dive deep into why career focused women like romances with princes and billionaires, and the dreaded...

Getting Lit S3EP01: Scrooge McF*ck

By May Sage. This month, Ilana’s husband Matt joins us for a second time and wows us with his knowledge of remembering snowfall statistics. Wendy forgets that kidnapping is a crime, and Ilana comes up with the next big holiday: You’re Everything You Need Bagel Day.

Getting Lit S2EP12: Stud in the Stacks

by Pippa Grant. For season 2’s finale, Wendy and Ilana discuss “high” versus “low” literature, the outsider’s perception of the romance genre, as well as the real purpose and benefit of romance novels. We also laugh over the words “insertion” and “pink taco.”

Getting Lit S2EP11: the Tycoon’s Revenge

by Melody Anne. This month, our paperback romance adventure is a two-fer, billionaire AND secret baby! We drag our friend Rosie through the romance novel world, and find out her secret love of Goodwill bargain Harlequin novels.

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