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Commissions. Pet and Family Portraits.

Past Commissions

Click to enlarge. Commission a piece! You can also order prints of past commissions in either 8x10″ or 5x7″.

Minerva. Watercolor. 8x10.

Poppy. Watercolor. 9x12.

Astro. Watercolor. 9x12.

Pickles. Watercolor. 11x17.

Pookie. Watercolor. 9x12″.

Emmett. Watercolor. 9x12″.

Noah. Watercolor. 9x12″.

Peter. Watercolor. 9x12″.

For Sale

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Blue & Green Woman. Watercolor. 9x12″.

Red and Blue Lana Turner. Watercolor. 9x12″.

Blue Woman. Watercolor. 9x12″.

Seashells, series of 4. Charcoal. 8 x 17″ each.

Porcelain. Charcoal. 18x24″.

Billie Holiday. Watercolor. 9x12″.

Banana. Watercolor. 6x10″.

Figure with Short Hair. Charcoal. 18x24″.

Portait of Young Woman. Charcoal. 18x24″.

Lovers. Chalk. 18x24″.

Tilda. Watercolor. 10x14″.


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