Framing Solutions

I recommend simple frames in either white, black, or wood color with a simple, white mat. I lean more toward the white frame and mat for smaller paintings.

My framing services are cost of frame + $30. In general, the total cost of a framed painting (painting+frame+labor) is:

  • 6x6: $80 (35+15+30)
  • 8x8: $130 (65+35+30)
  • 9x12: $190 (120+40+30)
  • 11x14: $245 (165+50+30)


Framing Recommendations

6x6 and 9x12 are nontraditional sizes, and won’t be easily found. For the 9x12, I may recommend a different size depending on the placing of the content. I recommend shopping at Michael’s, Target, JoAnn Fabrics, Walmart, possibly Wayfair.

For those of you that love Hobby Lobby: they don’t carry many frames with the mat included, so it may end up costing you more money than initially thought.

Michael’s nearly always has sales on their frames. Go to to find their latest coupons.

You can also do custom framing with Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. These stores almost always have sales on custom framing prices (often 50% off), so check their websites for more information.



There aren’t many options for in-store frame purchases, but you can get a frame that 8x8 with a 5x5 mat and put the painting on top of the mat instead of underneath.





9x12 is a nontraditional frame size, so there are fewer sizes available in person. However, I may be able to recommend a different size (8x10, 8.5x11, 8x12) depending on the content of the painting.



This is a very traditional size, and can be found multiple places.




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