North and South… again.

I finished it. Twice. It’s actually been a while since I’ve finished that, I’ve just been mulling over it for […]

North and South

I am sad to say I had absolutely no idea of the existence of this mini series and book before […]


You know how when you play a whole bunch of Tetris, you suddenly feel like the world is a tetris […]


What a hilarious movie! It’s in the cinemas right now, so I’ll try desperately hard not ruin it for you. […]


I’m halfway through the complete short stories of Flannery O’Connor, and I think I’m mentally finished with the lot. I […]

Green Wing

This may take a bit to explain. I download from this gated British television site. I was attracted to it […]

A Poem

A poem, called I Don’t Even Really Like You Anyway, AKA: Suspension of Disbelief Pretend that I wasn’t walking down […]

Lion in Winter

Tomorrow I’m graduating. The Lion in Winter is a terribly awesome movie. I just watched it again today. If you […]