Our Mutual Friend

I can’t believe the entire movie was about stalking. Everyone stalked. In fact, it seems that the only form of […]

North and South

I am sad to say I had absolutely no idea of the existence of this mini series and book before […]

Underworld 2 Part 2

I was so excited about all the questions I had about that movie, I missed a few important points. THE […]


What a hilarious movie! It’s in the cinemas right now, so I’ll try desperately hard not ruin it for you. […]

Tristan and Isolde

I originally rented this Early Christian in England (cuz that’s civilized) melodrama because I thought I love James Franco. Turns […]

Legends of the Fall

Brad Pitt movies to me are categorized strictly by hair type. There’s the weird-hair moments in the nineties, then the […]


Here’s my normal day at work: Get to work at 12:00 Finish all work duties at about 12:15 Handle all […]

Mansfield Park

I actually finished Mansfield Park a while ago. I wait a little to let it stew, and then I forget […]


My friends have been extremely supportive in me wanting to see this movie. First there was Katy: "Oh, you should […]