Robin Hood: Season 1, 2, 3

Things that I like about Richard Armitage: 1. That his brow crinkles up like an accordian when he raises his […]

American Gothic

I found this tv show through Netflix, and then downloaded it. It suggested it because of Twin Peaks. American Gothic […]

Legend of the Seeker

I really need to stop watching this show. Quick recap: scene–fantasy novel turned into Xena type Australian-American crap show. The […]

Robin Hood

I’m  watching the BBC version of Robin Hood right now, which is apparently the British response to Xena. If you […]


You know how when you play a whole bunch of Tetris, you suddenly feel like the world is a tetris […]

After a long absence, Smallville

You know what? Screw it. We’re doing it. Forget the fact that Clark has paraded around Smallville and Metropolis sans […]

X-Men Evolution

I just finished X-Men Evolution, the cartoon in 2000 where the X-Men team are all teenagers, oddly going to public […]

Green Wing

This may take a bit to explain. I download from this gated British television site. I was attracted to it […]