Here’s my normal day at work:

Get to work at 12:00

Finish all work duties at about 12:15

Handle all emails, do some writing, mope about on the internet.

Watch first movie.

Take a little break from watching to write a little. Dinner at 4:00.

Watch a little more. This could be a longer movie, perhaps a mini series or TV show since I am here until 8.

Eat candy and snacks for guest intermittenly.

I have this to say about Enchanted. Much like the older girl from Narnia who couldn’t go back to Narnia because she discovered lipstick and pantyhoes, Gazelle likewise can’t go back to her mystical land because she discovered chest hair. Oh, arousal. It just ruins women for fairy tales. But then I thought, there is no chest hair in fantasy land, even if they get a little naked. Unless you count Gaston. I can see why she was so blown away. And then the older woman, grasping at straws, postponing the inevitable, using her last remnant of sexuality as a tool to try to keep her power. I can’t help but think that the evil queen stepmother was punished…. because she was easy? Hm.