2016 Booklist

Thanks in large part to audiobooks that I listen to instead of the radio or streaming while working, driving, cleaning, and lately instead of TV, I have read a shit ton of books this year. Goodreads said I read 126 books in 2016, but I looked back on it and I think I actually read 199, some even in paper form!

Despite the fact that as an English Major, I can talk ad nauseum about the merits and downfalls of plot line, character development, literary devices, etc., I actually think the 1-5 star system is kind of bullshit. Especially for genre books, which are mostly your favorite brand of escapism. In the end, you like what you like, and there’s not much others can say about it. Buttttt….who doesn’t like to rate things? That’s why I’ve created an incredibly sophisticated rating system.


Wendy’s Incredibly Sophisticated Rating System

Yuck. – It’s safe to say I will not try this series, author, or even subgenre ever again, depending on how deep my ire for this particular book goes. Rare cases may induce twenty minute rants of everything wrong with this book with little or no provocation. Consider yourself warned.


Meh. – Maybe mildly entertaining, maybe just bothersome enough to finish the book and then be done with the series. Strong feelings are reserved for other books. I may read another of the series if it were easily accessible,  or I may part amicably from the series/author.


Good. – in between meh and yay. The feeling is most accurately described with a thoughtful nod gesture. “yeah. It was good.”


Yay! – Rolicking good fun! Swashbuckling adventures! Angsty soulful love affairs! Characters that don’t suck! After reading a Yay! I may even actively seek out the rest of the series or author to finish it! High praise indeed.


SUPER YAY! – Yay +! Some of my favorites. I may even purchase these books!

Books that aren’t Romance

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Period Romance

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Paranormal Romance

[table id=6 /]

Modern / Non-Magical Romance

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