Books I read this week 2/4/17

The Accidental Duchess


Author: Madeline Hunter

Series: Fairbourne’s #4

Tags: Regency Romance, Dukes!

Rating: Yay!

Yay! This one wasn’t as fun as The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne, but I still liked it.

Funny coincidence: in the Wicked Trilogy by Madeline Hunter, my least favorite book was the last one about the duke, as well. Huh. Maybe I don’t like dukes.


When a Scot Ties the Knot (RR)

Author: Tessa Dare

Series: Castles Ever After #4

Tags: Regency Romance, Epistolary, Highlanders!, Illustrator, Lobsters

Rating: Yay!


I have already read this one. I was playing the game What Was That One. You know…

What was that one where she made up a suitor and wrote letters to him in the army, but a real guy got them, so he decided to come find her and blackmail her into marrying her so she could have his land, then they fall in love, and there’s something about lobsters?

Oh yeah. When a Scot Ties the Knot.

One day later, I finished the audiobook.

That’s normal, right? To read an audiobook in a day?

Never mind. I don’t care.


The Conquest of Lady Cassandra

Author: Madeline Hunter

Series: Fairbourne’s #2

Tags: Regency Romance, Private Investigator!

Rating: Yay!

I’m reading all of Madeline Hunter’s books, if you haven’t guessed.

This series is a teensy bit more involved than other romance series, so it was kind of a bummer to read #4, and then go back to reading #2. The woman is a Woman of the World (unmarried non-virgin female, gasp!) and the guy is the Friendly Guy: diplomatic, witty, easy going, with a hard inner edge. He also likes to privately investigate stuff for a bit of extra cash, and play the violin!

I love the repartee between friends. Ashbury (the friendly guy), and the next protagonist Kendale (a straight laced ex-military) especially play off each other, and it is fun to watch. I’m excited about the next book because Kendale is kind of the butt of most of their jokes. His serious ways will be sure to bring a hard fall to his pride.

I’m reading that one right now!


The Viscount and the Vixen

Author: Lorraine Heath

Series: Hellions of Havisham #3

Tags: Regency Romance, refusing to love, marrying a stranger, marriage under contract

Rating: Yay!

Aw, characters that refuse to love. They are almost as great as characters that think they cannot love, and are better than characters who don’t believe in love. By the way, what is with the last option? “Love is just a chemical reaction” characters crack me up. Well, duh. Aren’t all things chemical reactions? I approach those characters the same way that I approach creationists or people that don’t wear seat belts. Who are you? Where have you been living all this time?

In this one, the Viscount refuses to love because his dad was driven mad by the death of his wife, who he loved very much. He is hoodwinked into marrying a mysterious woman claiming to be only interested in his money and prestige. Though he figures out eventually that she is not in it for the money, he is SO SURPRISED to find out the real reason for her haste. I mean, there are only a handful of reasons why a woman might marry super fast to a stranger. Predictable, but if I wanted a real surprise I’d read mystery, or even romance-mystery. I enjoyed it, nonetheless.

This the third of the trilogy, the first and second being Falling into Bed with a Duke and The Earl Takes All. Falling was regrettably forgettable. I read it a while ago, but kept running across it and forgot that I had read it. I’ve read at least three other books that have the exact same plot. A spinster decides “to hell with virginity” and disguises herself to have a liaison. I think I shall try it again in the near future, now that I have finished the trilogy. She’s not only a spinster, but a bluestocking spinster! One of my favorite things. I should have liked it.

The Earl Takes All, though, was great because TWINS. Oh man, I love stories about twins. They inevitably do the whole Parent Trap Switcheroo, and then hijinks! I love all variations of twins stories: Good Twin Bad Twin, Dead Twin Alive Twin, Scarred Twin Okay Twin, Twelfth Night Girl Twin Pretending to be Boy Twin, Accidentally Marrying the Wrong Twin, Switching Places Twins, Loving the Same Person Twins… I could go on. This one is Dead Twin Alive Twin. He has to pretend to be his brother so that she doesn’t lose her baby. He secretly loves her! It’s great.

There is also a novella of the story of the Viscount’s father, which I kinda find disturbing. This whole series is about how the father was driven by grief to stop living for years, neglecting everything, including his son and his other wards. So, yeah, uh, I don’t necessarily want to read his love story if it inevitably ends with “then she died in childbirth and he was really sad for the next forty years.”

Apparently that novella is a Christmas Special. *Shakes fist* Christmas Specials!!!



Author: Jacquelyn Frank

Series: Nightwalkers #1

Tags: Paranormal Romance, demons, druids, prophecies, librarian

Rating: Yay!

This book gets an enthusiastic Yay! just because it is almost exactly the same as the Dark Series by Christine Feehan except it didn’t bore the shit out of me. (Breaking Up with the Dark Series)

You see, it’s about a race of magical immortal vampires demons that are facing a crisis, because if they wait too long to find their life-mate, they become horrible monster versions of themselves, what the human world knows as true vampires  demons. Otherwise they are your typical friendly magical beings, with unique gifts of telepathy and transformation elemental related powers, haughty personalities, and really long lifespans. They are sworn to protect humans from themselves and hunt down the monster vampire  demon versions, which are usually old friends or family members gone to madness. At the same time they are also hunted by a secret society of human vampire hunters Necromancers.

Apparently, when they find their life-mate become imprinted on a mate, they develop a psychic connection, and they must always be around each other, or else they will lose the will to live or go mad die.

There is also a 1,000 year old vampire demon named Gregory Gideon with healing abilities, who’s in love with the Dark Prince’s daughter Demon King’s sister. That’s the fifth second book.

I was very skeptical of this book because it was JUST SO MUCH like Feehan’s Dark Series. The writing’s not tip-top, and it does take itself a little too seriously, but GUESS WHAT? I asked some questions after reading three books from the Dark Series that were all exactly the same, and this book addresses them! Specifically, what happens when you separate a mated pair? Could it be used against them?

This series seems to me like Dark Series Plus. It’s still got the same vibe, but plot is played with a bit more here. There’s a prophecy, which I usually dislike, but this one added a bit to the story. The girl in this story has more agency than the girls in the Dark Series. She fights. The powers are more interesting. There was a twist! There was action!

I have no idea how I would like this book if I had never read the Dark Series, but since I did, congrats! My expectations are lowered!

Also, bonus that it’s a story about a librarian that suddenly gets superpowers. Hellz yeah. Besides powers of general badassery, she picks up their ancient language and reads everything in their Demon/Druid archive library place. #BookwormGoals

Is it just me, or do paranormal stories usually start with a magical/human pair, and then move on to magical/magical pairs in the subsequent books? I find magical/magical less interesting, and I’m always a little bummed when they go too far into the magical world. From reading the synopses of the next books, it looks like they are mostly magical/magical stories. Which is a bummer. And yet, I will read because: audiobooks.



Tags: Paranormal Romance, demons, druids, vampires, shifters, dragon people?

Rating: Meh.

This is a compilation, so I’ll quickly go over the different stories.

Vampire Fight Club by Larissa Ione: yay! I may look for more of this series.

Darkness Eternal by Alexandra Ivy: yay!

Kane by Jacquelyn Frank: Meh. The reason why I read it, since this is #1.5 of the Nightwalker series.

Dragon on Top by G.A. Aiken: Meh. Uhhh…. shapeshifting dragons? Ok, whatever.



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