Books I read this week: Vol 30, Aug 5

Aug 5, 2017 | Books I Read



Author: Alice Clayton

Series: Hudson Valley #3

Tags: small town, city girl, orphan, foster care, hotel management, stick-in-the-mud, widower, nice dead wife, coworkers, foodie

Format: audiobook

Rating: meh.


I was so excited for this book! I really enjoyed the first two of the series, and I was excited for 1) stick-in-the-mud male 2) HGTV type home makeover and 3) buns!




I’m sad to say that it was, shall we say, like overworked dough: it didn’t RISE to the anticipation. (Shut up! I had to.)

Stick-in-the-muds are not Clayton’s forte. He didn’t have much of a personality, and was unreasonably rude or unreasonably sweet with no continuity.


Our Manic Pixie Dream Girl heroine sweeps into a much loved, but slowly dying old hotel with the intent to give it a hotel makeover. She was hired by Stick-in-the-mud’s dad, and he is NOT OKAY WITH CHANGING ANY OF OUR SAINTED TRADITIONS just kidding change everything I love you.

We were all geared up for a battle of wills, and then he suddenly becomes reasonable and pliable.


I love a good battle of wills.


Not interested in MPDG heroine either. She was mildly interesting, but didn’t stand out much either. She cycled through the foster care system as a child, and has issuez with a capital I from it.


And oh, he’s a widoowwwwwwwwwerrrrrr! Sad face!!!

Widowers are like the kicked puppies of the romance archetype world. You can just forgive anything.

Is he an asshole to everyone he meets? Widower.

Has he never touched a woman in years? Widower.

Is he sleeping around with every woman he sees? Widower.


What a stupid word, by the way: widower.

Probably the only word in the English language were the male form was based on the female version of the word.

Since I’m a word nerd, I looked it up! Apparently the er in widower means “widow man” just like “were” in werewolf means “man wolf.” Disclaimer: source is Reddit.


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