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Sep 15, 2018 | Books I Read

Shelly Laurenston Part 3!


Bite Me

Pride #9

Him: Polar bear-tiger shifter hybrid, relaxed and easygoing with a secret mean streak, freelance bodygaurd/security detail, worked on the same job with Toni.

Her: Rude, sarcastic short-fused photographer, straight-laced but from a long line of criminals, honey badger shifter. Best friends with Toni.

Meetcute: met through mutual friends, she inexplicably hides in his cabinets to get away from people (and eat his honey). Things don’t heat up until they are brought together to protect the Jackal family prodigies while Toni is away.



I love honey badger shifters! And freaky hybrid shifters! And madcap capers with cooky relatives! And all of the other people we have met before!

This is 100% Full Blown Rag Tag Cooky Ensemble Family Cast material right now. Laurenston has built up the world enough that every previous character now feels like the crazy relative of the main character, and it’s now just chock full of family!! Aw, I love family!

She was pretty damn great. She was super moody.

He was less interesting but still adorable. Best line: “I wonder if you act like a bear, but fuck like a tiger.”



And he has a prehensile tail!

*opens another tab to search for definition*

Which means he can grasp things with his tail!



This one is the last of the Pride series. Laurenston goes on to make the Honey Badger series from there. I am sad to see them go! Luckily all the shifters are in the same universe and I still have a trilogy to get to!


Magnus Pack Trilogy

Pack Challenge

Magnus Pack #1

Him: alpha of the Magnus pack, owner of night clubs chain, biker, wolf shifter.

Her: wolf shifter raised as human, works at a bike shop, has a bad injury from childhood trauma that leaves her limping.

Meetcute: The Magnus pack comes in to protect her from a lion pride trying to destroy her. Zach means to help her learn to shift…and falls hard fast.

Go Fetch!

Magnus Pack #2

Him: super giant blond wolf shifter with direct connection to viking ancestors. Outwardly goofy and friendly, inwardly a marauding Viking. Beta to the Magnus pack

Her: genius full human, friends with Sara, often crass and inappropriate, working towards her PhD, former hacker, markswoman.

Here, Kitty, Kitty!

Magnus Pack #3

Him: North Carolina “hillbilly” filthy rich tiger shifter with two younger idiot brothers and a father with a bad case of monogamy.

Her: ice princess full human with a fierce temper. Doesn’t like to be touched, perfect fashion sense, high maintenance. Friends with Sara and Miki.

Meetcute: run into each other in the airport. When she is attacked by hyena shifters, hero’s idiot brothers save/abduct her and bring her to hero’s house. She wakes up naked in his bed.




There were many things I liked about this trilogy that didn’t feel completely realized. Miki, the abrasive genius. Conall, the man who plays at being a gentle giant when he has a secret wild side. Sara, who works through her disability without complaint and kicks ass while doing it. How “Hill Billy” Nik doesn’t put up with Angelina’s bullshit.

All those things just almost interested me. But not completely.

I’ve seen all of those character tropes played at greater advantage and with more vibrancy, even in Laurenston’s later work.


I suppose there’s something to be said about the awkwardness of getting your feet wet in a new world. This series predates the Pride series, and is obliquely connected. Though Laurenston has published before these, the others were under the name G.A. Aiken and they were a different world.


I liked the first book the least. Great premise. Heroine doesn’t know she’s a shifter, was raised as a human, and has struggled with a scarred and painful leg from being attacked when she was a child. She’s never shifted before.

Cool! There’s always at least one of those stories in a shifter series. The whole Holy-Shit-I’m-A-Werewolf-or-Something is a fun way to start a series.

However, she kinda sorta was fixed by a good dicking.



This woman, unbeknownst to her, was surrounded by shifters her whole life, and she was physical pain for most of it. Her surrogate father/alpha of the neighborhood pack suspected that there was poison in her body and if they bled her, her shifter superhealing ability would take care of the rest.

Mr. Right comes into town, covertly knicks her on the inner thigh while going down on her and bam! She’s cured.

That was it?

That was all you had to do?

Shit, someone could have done that years ago.

I know she had a crazy ass grandmother watching over her, but, damn, just a second of awkwardness would have saved her years of pain and suffering.


There was also something about “turning her” for her first shift that seems to be discarded in this universe, never talked about again.


The first book was my least favorite, and my favorite was the second. Mostly because abrasive geniuses are fun.


Laurenston has one more series written under the Laurenston pen name. It’s something raven shifters/guardians? IDK but the covers are HOT. I haven’t yet decided if I will tackle those next.

She also writes a G.A. Aiken, but the one short story I read from the universe was…strange. Dragon shifters, medieval fantasy world, and something about a bitch dragon queen… It looks like my reaction at the time was “okay, whatevs.”


In the meantime, I recently signed up for a free month of the Audible Romance Package, and ohmygoodnessakes it is amazing! I think I might even pay for it!

You get unlimited access to select Romance titles (up to 10 at a time) for one price. Less selection, but there’s no surprise there. There are also hilariously accurate subgenre categories (vikings? vampires? viking vampires?) AND a steaminess meter on each. Best of all, you can skip to the naughty bits of each story. How fun is that? YES, Audible, women DO use romance novels as porn sometimes! Thanks for asking!

Of course, because I am who I am, I don’t want to use any of those features. And for some damn reason they don’t have a way to browse every book alphabetically by author.

I’ve decided to indulge my joy of reading regency novels, especially since I have read all the ones available in my library overdrive. Paranormal is hit or miss with me, and the other genres increasingly spotty, so it’s been kind of a slog with my Read All the Overdrive Romance Authors challenge lately.

The only problem is that now that I choose what I want to read, I am getting the books done in a day. So much to catch up to in my blog! Fly, fingers on keyboard, fly!


Currently Reading:

Brothers Sinister series, Courtney Milan

Sins of Lord Lockwood, Meredith Duran

Ice Princess, Elizabeth Hoyt


Next Up:

Romance Package goals:

  • Julia Quinn
  • Loretta Chase
  • (Read all of Elizabeth Hoyt)
  • (Read all of Tessa Dare)
  • Madeline Hunter
  • Meredith Duran
  • Courtney Milan

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