Getting Lit S2EP8: Master of Ecstasy

Getting Lit S2EP8: Master of Ecstasy

Oct 7, 2018 | Podcast


by Nina Bangs. This month, Ilana and I make the excellent choice of making my sister, who has a masters in linguistics, read a time travel vampire highlander viking romance novel. Is it as bad as it sounds? To that I say, “och aye!”

Ye dinnae ken how much ye should fasch yerself, mayhap.


We had a few technical difficulties during the recording. Becky’s husband Paul is a musician and tinkerer, so when I visited we had The Most Intense Set Up in Getting Lit History! Unfortunately, it was way too complicated for me. I touched a button, and for some reason, we manage to not record one 1.5 hour session, but 60 sessions of 1.5 minutes long. WHOOPS.

Paul was nice enough to stitch them all together so it became one cohesive track. Thanks, Paul!

Look at the intense set up!

Our Drinks


Wendy and Becky’s: Dinnae Fasch Yerself



Blended whisky (not very Scottish, just like the main character)

Pomegranate and Elderflower Cordial (for the Vikingness)

Fizzy Lemonade (UK Sprite, kinda)

Lime juice (for a twist)

Ilana’s: I’m Into Men Who Cry at the End of Romance Novels



1/2 oz lemon juice

4 oz water

An amount of honey simple syrup (probably 4 oz)

2 oz dark rum

Slice of orange

Cinnamon stick

1 teaspoon brown sugar

Make hot water. Later make simple syrup but with honey cause you fancy. Then add the rest of the ingredients.

Rants of the Month

Linguistic breakdown of Highlander novel colloquialisms

Vampires have the stupidest powers


Other Books We Mentioned

  • Canterbury Tales, Chaucer
  • Go Tell it on the Mountain, James Baldwin
  • Howl For It, Shelly Laurenston


Next Month’s Book

It Had to be You, Susan Elizabeth Phillips

With a guest host!

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