Getting Lit S3EP01: Scrooge McF*ck

Mar 13, 2019 | Podcast

By May Sage. This month, Ilana’s husband Matt joins us for a second time and wows us with his knowledge of remembering snowfall statistics. Wendy forgets that kidnapping is a crime, and Ilana comes up with the next big holiday: You’re Everything You Need Bagel Day.

Did you know that in case you wanted to self-publish, there are resources out there for romance novel specific stock photos? Here are a few to giggle at:

Tee hee! Romance novel covers look weird anyway, but without all the photoshopping they look EXTRA weird!


Special thanks to Rosie, who edited the podcast for us!

Rosie is the best!

Ilana’s Drink: No Flu Kidnapping

This month, in Scrooge McFuck, a not consensual rescuing happens when the main character gets really sick over Christmas. To assuage the risk of kidnapping, I present to you my drink “No flu kidnapping”. It’s a version of a Half Mast (another great name for a drink) but with the cranberry replaced with raspberry Emergen-C, also in “honor” of our national Emergen-C.

1/2 a serving Emergen-C in water (drink the rest, you need it)
2.5 oz tequilla
1 oz triple sec
6 sweet and sour mixer

Make Emergen-C first (if you don’t need to take it it, remind yourself trump doesn’t either). Shake the mixer and the booze together before adding to the Emergen-C mixer.

Wendy’s Rant

Valentine’s Day is fucking stupid, Galentine’s Day isn’t any better, and what holidays we should have instead.

Next Month’s Book

A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole

More Awesome Stuff:

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