by E.L. James. The debate gets heated as Wendy and Ilana share their opposing views on James's latest non-50-shades novel. We agree that it's not great, but are the wrong steps allowable within the realm of romance? Also mentioned: the Can You Not? trope, and how all romance novelists secretly want to renovate their bathrooms.

Getting Lit S3EP04: The Mister

Jul 1, 2019 | Podcast

By E L James. Ilana and Wendy try out their first ever James novel, reading her latest novel that is completely outside of the Shades series. Ilana and Wendy have differing opinions, and spend most our time arguing about whether the other should or should not like this book. 

Ilana’s Drink: 50 Shades of Champagne

I happened to talk to Getting Lit MVP Donna Riley at an art show reception (my life in Lafayette is sometimes very cool) about my acquisition of her bottle of Creme de Violette and wondering what the heck I could do with purple flowery liquor. She immediately thought of the concept (in theme of course) of Fifty Shades of Champagne, meaning mixing various things with champagne. Now 50 is more glasses than I own, so my interpretation has 5 shades.

Sweet and Sour Mixer 
Geraldine syrup
Coca Cola
Creme de Violete

Next Month’s Book

Him by Sarina Brown & Elle Kennedy

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